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Welcome to the Earth Rotation Portal

The Earth Rotation Portal is a source for scientific informations and data created by the research unit

Earth Rotation and Global Dynamic Processes.

The research unit is funded by the German Research Foundation (FOR 584). Scientists of various disciplines at several institutions investigate aspects of Earth rotation in ten thematic projects.

Illustration of Earth rotation as movement of a gyroscope

The main objective of these coordinated projects is to explain the variations of Earth rotation. Interactions and couplings of various sub-systems of Earth are taken into account to enable a comprehensive and integral treatment of Earth rotation.

Gained insights and data will be collected and presented by an Earth Rotation Information System (ERIS). Finally, the research unit will provide on this website for experts as well as interested non professional users

  • Observational and analytical data
  • Modells and simulations
  • Methodological information and tools

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Modification date: 24 Feb 2015